SUMMARY: Germinating spores of excreted a substance into the surrounding medium which inhibited germination of another sample of the spores. The germination inhibitor (GI) was produced during submerged culture after exponential growth had ceased. The GI was purified 51-fold following extraction from growth liquor with chloroform. It was soluble in alcohol and water and had a molecular weight of less than 1000. The GI blocked growth and respiration of some Gram-positive bacteria and was an inhibitor of the membrane bound, but not solubilized, calcium-dependent ATPase of germinated spores and mycelia of the producing organism. Several sodium-potassium activated ATPases were also inhibited. All four activities (respiration, growth, germination inhibition. ATPase) co-purified during column and thin-layer chromatography. The GI activities released during germination and produced during growth were identical. A role for the GI antibiotic in regulation of dormancy of spores of the producing organism is discussed.


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