SUMMARY: Citrus pectin and other uronic acids (polygalacturonate, alginate and galacturonate) accelerated encystment and germination in suspensions of zoospores. Other anions, polyanions and polysaccharides containing α(1·4) linkages were not effective in this respect. The uronic acids tested differed from one another both in the concentrations required for maximal rates of encystment and in the extent to which they stimulated germination as well as encystment. Pectin-accelerated encystment did not require free Cain the suspending medium, but when the Caconcentration exceeded 100μM, uronate-stimulated encystment and germination was suppressed. This blocking of uronate-accelerated encystment was almost specific for Ca, although Srand Bashowed some effect. It is proposed that the action of uronates in accelerating encystment of zoospores is analogous to agonists which induce stimulus-mediated secretion in many animal cell types.


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