SUMMARY: A strain of was isolated from garden soil for its ability to utilize propan-2-yl sulphate as sole source of carbon and energy. Growth was accompanied by disappearance of the ester from culture fluids and formation of stoicheiometric amounts of inorganic sulphate. However, enzyme activity capable of desulphating propan-2-yl sulphate was not detected under a wide range of assay conditions, either intracellular or extracellular, or at different phases of batch culture. No organic radioactive metabolites were detected during growth on propan-2-yl [S]sulphate or [1,3-C]propan-2-yl sulphate alone, but when the latter compound was supplemented with unlabelled lactate, small amounts of C-labelled lactate were detected. This and the induction by propan-2-yl sulphate of a specific -lactate-2-sulphatase led to a proposed pathway in which propan-2-yl sulphate undergoes a stereospecific oxidation to -lactate-2-sulphate before rapid desulphation to -lactate and inorganic sulphate.


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