Summary: ELISA was used to detect specific IgM and IgG in sera from humans with current or past leptospirosis. A serological pattern of a high IgM titre (≥1280), or moderately increased IgM (160-640) in conjunction with a low IgG titre (≤20), with serovar antigen was characteristic for approximately two-thirds of the sera from serovar patients obtained in the first two months of the disease. The antigen was the supernatant of a heated and centrifuged culture of leptospires. Antigens were prepared from serovars and . Sera from patients with and infections showed cross-reactivity when different antigens were used. In past infections the IgG titres were clearly higher with the homologous antigen. ELISA for IgM and IgG allows the rapid diagnosis of acute leptospirosis.


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