Summary: The non-conjugative plasmid pAV5 specifies resistance to kanamycin/neomycin (Km) and tetracycline (Tc). Physical evidence is presented to show that pAV5 gives rise to two plasmids, pAV51 (Km) and pAV52 (Tc), which are formed by deletion of apparently non-overlapping segments of pAV5. Expression of Tc has been obtained in and is associated with a 1.9 kb III fragment found in pAV5 and in pAV52. Expression of Km has been obtained in and is associated with a 1.3 kb I fragment found in pAV5 and pAV51. Evidence is presented that the Km gene is flanked by inverted repeat sequences and is therefore tentatively identified as a transposon, designated Tn The Km gene specifies an aminoglycoside 3'-phosphotransferase-type I (APH(3')-I) enzyme.


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