Summary: When a Cd-resistant strain (301 N) and a Cd-sensitive strain (101 N) of were incubated in medium containing Cd, a large proportion of the cellular Cd was found in the cytosol of strain 301 N, but not in that of strain 101 N. Approximately 65% of the cellular Cd was released from strain 301 N after treatment with chitosan, which affects cell membrane permeability. About 80% of the cellular Cd released from strain 301 N by chitosan treatment was detected in a 30000-10000 molecular weight fraction prepared by ultrafiltration. The distribution of Cd into the cytosol in strain 301 N was inhibited in the presence of cycloheximide. The proportion of cellular Cu or Zn present in the cytosol after incubation with these ions was similar for the two strains (about 40%).


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