Summary: The electrophoretic mobilities of 12 enzymes from 19 species (including 6 strains of and were characterized by polyacrylamide slab gel electrophoresis. All strains and species tested exhibited qualitatively different zymogram patterns. Species and strain relationships were quantified by pairwise comparisons of all 12 enzyme systems to obtain similarity indices; these data were subjected to numerical clustering methods to obtain groups and a phenogram. The electrophoretic classification compared favourably with those obtained by other criteria. In addition, the quantitative clustering data indicated that and are sufficiently different from the other species to warrant their separation into a distinct group. These two species also lacked the characteristic NADPH-diaphorase zymogram pattern found in all the other species. Intra-species similarity indices were generally greater than the inter-species index values. However, certain species such as and had similarity index values in the range of inter-strain index values.


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