Summary: A gene coding for a xylanase activity of alkalophilic sp. no. 212 (ATCC 31085) was cloned in HB101 with pBR322. Plasmid pAX1 was isolated from transformants producing xylanase, and the xylanase gene was located in a 6.0 kb III fragment. The pAX1-encoded xylanase activity in HB101 was about 80 times higher than that of xylanase L in alkalophilic sp. no. 212. About 40% of the enzyme activity was observed in the periplasmic space of HB101. The pAX1-encoded xylanase had the same enzymic properties as those of xylanase L produced by alkalophilic sp. no. 212, but its molecular weight was lower (135000 vs 145000, as estimated by SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis).


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