Four major proteins with molecular weights of 78000, 37000, 34000 and 20000 were present in the envelope of when cultured at a high specific growth rate. However, at lower growth rates, the protein content and composition of the envelope depended on the imposed nutrient limitation. Under potassium-, carbon-, sulphur- and phosphorus-limited conditions, derepression of synthesis of limitation-specific proteins was observed, their apparent molecular weights being 90000, 48000, 41000 and 36000, respectively. Nitrogen-limited cells had no additional proteins. For a particular limiting nutrient, expression of the limitation-specific proteins was independent of the chemical or physical form in which the nutrient was supplied. Under potassium or sulphur limitation the specific proteins were present maximally at the lowest imposed growth rate, whereas under carbon limitation a maximum expression of these proteins was found at moderate growth rates. It is concluded that limitation-specific proteins which are associated with the outer membrane function in the uptake of limiting nutrients or, possibly, limitation-releasing compounds.


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