A 1.6 kb fragment of DNA of plasmid pBD64, obtained after partial digestion with II, carrying a chloramphenicol-resistance determinant and a single site for the enzyme /II, was inserted into the genome of defective phage ⊘105 d/ Two types of phage were subsequently isolated and both transduced cells of to chloramphenicol resistance. One type contained 26 kb and the other 32 kb of DNA. chromosomal DNA fragments generated by cleavage with /II were ligated into the unique /II site within the smaller phage genome. A specialized transducing phage was isolated which carried the gene on a 6 kb /II fragment. This phage, denoted ⊘105 d(Cm ), transduced strain MB79 to Met and to chloramphenicol resistance, and the mutation was complemented in transductants.


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