The rate of accumulation of streptomycin by streptomycin-sensitive strains of and , grown in chemostats, was related to the growth rate prior to addition of the antibiotic. For the length of the lag period that preceded accumulation was also growth rate-dependent. Thus faster growing cultures accumulated streptomycin more rapidly and with a shorter lag than slower growing cultures. The rate of efflux of streptomycin from bacteria that had accumulated streptomycin was not greatly influenced by growth rates of the cultures. At a particular growth rate, accumulation of streptomycin was found to be faster at higher concentrations of the antibiotic. Rapid accumulation of streptomycin was not observed with continuous cultures of a streptomycin-resistant strain of Accumulation of streptomycin was abolished when growth was inhibited by either terminating the flow of fresh medium to a chemostat or by adding inhibitors that block protein synthesis. These results suggest that the rate of accumulation of streptomycin is related to the concentration of streptomycin-sensitive ribosomes that are actively engaged in protein synthesis within the bacterial cells.


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