Deep-sea bacteria were isolated from the digestive tract of animals inhabiting depths of 5900 m in the Puerto Rico Trench and 4300 m near the Walvis Ridge. Growth of two bacterial strains was measured in marine broth and in solid media under a range of pressures and temperatures. Both strains were barophilic at 2 °C (±1 °C) with an optimal growth rate of 0.22 h at a pressure 30% lower than that encountered At 1 atm they grew at temperatures ranging from 1.2 to 18.2 °C (±0.3 °C), while pressures increased the upper temperature limit to 23.3 °C. Both strains were identified as members of the genus , based on standard taxonomic tests and mol % G + C values (47.0 and 47.1). Ribonucleotide sequences determined for 5S ribosomal RNA from each strain confirmed relationship to the group, as represented by and , but the barophiles were clearly distinct from these species. Secondary structure conformed to the established model for eubacterial 5S rRNA.


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