A new obligate methanotroph was isolated and characterized. It was classified as a 'Methylosinus' species and named 'Methylosinus' sp. strain 6. Nitrogen metabolism in 'Methylosinus' 6 was found to be similar to other Type I1 methanotrophs, including the assimilation of nitrogen exclusively by the glutamine synthetaselglutamate synthase system. However, unlike other Type I1 methanotrophs, it appeared that glutamine synthetase activity was regulated by adenylylation in this organism. 'Methylosinus' 6 was grown in continuous culture with either dinitrogen or nitrate as sole nitrogen source under various dissolved oxygen tensions. Higher rates of methane oxidation and a more developed intracytoplasmic membrane system were found at lower oxygen tensions with nitrate as the nitrogen source but at higher oxygen tensions with dinitrogen as the nitrogen source, This suggested that carbon metabolism was influenced by nitrogen metabolism in this organism.


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