Two-dimensional electrophoresis of sequential double-restriction digests showed that the genome of comprised 1·63 × 10bp (1·09 × 10 Dal) of DNA; an ammonia-limited chemostat population possessed an average of nine genomes per cell and a multiplying batch culture possessed ~17 genomes per cell. The genome size of (Hildenborough) was 1·72 × 10 bp (1·14 × 10 Dal); a population from an ammonia-limited batch culture contained four genomes per cell. Control digestions and analyses with GM4 agreed reasonably with published values: a genome size of 3·95 × 10 bp and approximately two genomes per cell from a stationary batch culture in glucose minimal medium. carried two plasmids of ~70 MDal (1·05 × 10 bp) and ~40 MDal (6 × 10 bp); (Hildenborough) contained one of ~130 MDal (1·95 × 10 bp). Single plasmids were also detected in a second strain of and in strain Berre sol of but not in 10 other desulfovibrios including representatives of and


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