The homothallic wild-type strain of produces grey-purplish colonies on PDA medium, due to synthesis of fusarubin and related naphthazarins. Seventeen yellow, beige or white mutants were isolated. On the basis of recombination tests they were divided into six distinct chromosomal regions. Four of them, designated . . and . may be regarded as regulatory genes which uncouple the processes of ageing and pigmentation that are normally associated in the wild-type. The two others, and . control the biosynthesis of naphthazarins. Mutations in were found epistatic to and mutations, indicating that the locus acts on an earlier biosynthetic step than the - region. The latter was shown to comprise two closely linked genes, yielding yellow or beige colours when mutated. Analysis of polar mutations suggests that they form a single unit of transcription. One of these two genes probably controls a late oxidation step in naphthazarin biosynthesis.


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