The acidic proteins of six different mycoplasma serotypes causing bovine or caprine pleuro-pneumonia were compared by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of extracts of S-labelled cells. The organisms investigated were subsp. (PG1), subsp. (Y-goat), subsp. (PG3), (California kid), the unclassified bovine serogroup 7 of Leach (PG50) and the F38-like group (F38). The results suggested a close relationship between and F38 and a similarly close relationship between the different subspecies, whereas the two subspecies appeared to be quite distant from and F38. The representative strain of the bovine serogroup 7 of Leach was equally distant from F38, and the three strains of . Strikingly, all six mycoplasma strains apparently shared six proteins in the two-dimensional gels. In minicells, DNA from strain PG50 cloned in the vector pBR325 gave rise to incorporation of radioactive label into proteins which were identified as mycoplasma proteins by two-dimensional electrophoresis and immuno-precipitation.


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