Inclusion of ammonia in germinant mixtures containing L-alanine and inosine stimulated germination of unactivated spores at rates equal to those obtained using heat-activated spores without ammonia. D-Alanine had little effect on germination of heat-activated spores, but severely inhibited germination of unactivated spores in the presence of ammonia. Ammonia did not replace the requirement for either L-alanine or inosine: all three compounds were required for rapid germination. Kinetic analysis suggested that the functions of ammonia and L-alanine were more closely related than the functions of ammonia and inosine. With rate-saturating concentrations of L-alanine and inosine, germination rates showed saturation kinetics for ammonia with a for NHC1 of 5 mM. Comparisons of the effects of salts, amines and p on germination rates suggested that NHOH rather than NH was the rate-limiting form of ammonia. In comparisons of various strains of , stimulation of germination by ammonia occurred in all cases, although spores of most soil isolates germinated more rapidly than T spores in the absence of ammonia.


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