Extracellular membrane particles were isolated from the cell-free culture liquid of 69-V grown on n-alkanes. It was demonstrated by means of an antiserum raised against intact cells of 69-V grown on hexadecane that the particles were probably derived from the surface membrane fraction of the bacteria. The accumulation by the bacteria of radioactivity originating from [C]hexadecane solubilized in the particles was studied. The apparent value for the uptake of solubilized hexadecane was 33 μm and the value was 1.2 × 10 mol min (mg bacterial protein). The value for the uptake of free hexadecane was approximately 10 times higher, indicating the possible role of particles as transport vehicles for the insoluble substrate. Accumulation of radioactivity was inhibited by KCN and NaN, suggesting an energy-dependent uptake process.


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