The synthesis of propanediol oxidoreductase, an enzyme permitting the anaerobic metabolism of fucose and rhamnose, has been described as being controlled by the locus closely linked to the locus in wild-type cells of However, strain AA-787, deleted in the and loci, grew anaerobically on rhamnose, displaying propanediol oxidoreductase activity. From the deleted strain we derived a constitutive producer of propanediol oxidoreductase able to grow on 1,2-propanediol by oxidizing the diol to lactaldehyde which was further metabolized to lactate. Transduction experiments showed that this ability to use propanediol was closely linked to the locus. Peptide mapping of fucose- and rhamnose-induced propanediol oxidoreductase of wild-type cells established structural differences between the two enzymes, indicating two structural genes, one for each sugar metabolizing system.


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