SUMMARY: A recombinant cosmid clone was isolated from a library created from cosmid pQB79-1 and DNA, and a 15 kb HI fragment derived from the cloned insert was transferred to the vector pHV33. The recombinant clone, pRC12, was capable of complementing eight auxotrophic markers in the region of the chromosome (map positions 205-210). It also complemented eight of nine markers in the locus. The exception, , is the most distal marker from lysine. Although pRC12 failed to complement sporulation defects in or ( ) strains, subclones of pRC12, lacking a functional gene, did complement these mutations. pRC12 inhibited sporulation in a strain, possibly due to the presence of multiple functional genes. Both the original cosmid and pRC12 were unstable in and Antibiotic selection of the vector resulted in extensive deletion of the insert, while selection for insert function in invariably led to loss of the chloramphenicol resistance vector function.


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