SUMMARY: Non-flagellate mutants were isolated from a phase-2 stable strain, SJW806 , a derivative of By transductional crosses a deletion map and a recombination map of the gene were made. There are three regions especially rich in nonflagellate mutational sites. By the use of the deletion map, mutational sites of 21 flagellar shape mutants were also determined. Most of them were located at two regions which coincide with two of the three regions rich in non-flagellate mutational sites.

A gene, , is closely linked to the promoter side of the gene. Three-factor transductional crosses showed that the gene was on the left of the gene in the present map.

The gene forms part of an operon with the distal gene which specifies the repressor. Thus, a polarity effect of the mutations on the expression of the gene was examined by observing whether a wild-type allele introduced into the mutants was expressed or not. Many of the mutations were polar, and most of the strongly polar mutations were located in the left (promoter-proximal) half of the gene, while most of the mutations in the right half of the gene were weakly polar or non-polar.


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