Summary: High-resolution two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis was used to analyse the soluble proteins from seven strains of , six strains of and one or two strains of twelve other species. Approximately 200 individual polypeptides could be visualized as Coomassie Blue stained spots on an electrophoretogram of and similar numbers were found for the other bacteria. Each species of bacterium had a distinctly different pattern of spots which could be recognized. Quantitative comparisons of 48 selected spots derived from one strain of with those of five other strains of gonococcus, three strains of and one of , showed relationships in agreement with their current taxonomic classification but with a higher level of discrimination than that of previously used methods. It was also possible to distinguish the individual gonococcal strains. It is suggested that the method could be useful for bacterial classification and identification.


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