SUMMARY: The fumarase () gene of 168 has been identified in a collection of λ phages carrying RI-generated fragments of DNA. Regions of the cloned DNA have been subcloned into plasmid vectors, and the ability of prophages and multicopy plasmids to complement and fumarase mutations has been examined. Two fragments of 1.5 and 5.1 kb are both required for fumarase expression in and The level of fumarase activity from a single copy of the gene expressed in is approximately one-tenth of that from the normal gene; the level is increased by expression from a pBR322-derived multicopy plasmid. The gene has been located within the cloned DNA by transposon mutagenesis and by expression studies, which have also identified a polypeptide of 49000 as the product of the gene. The properties of a truncated derivative of this polypeptide have indicated the direction of transcription of the gene.


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