SUMMARY: Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) from four strains of and two strains of were partially hydrolysed with 1% acetic acid. Subsequent chloroform extraction led to the formation of a polysaccharide-containing aqueous layer, an interfacial material and a lipid A-containing chloroform layer. The polysaccharides contained the neutral sugars, amino sugars, 2-keto-3-deoxy-octonic acid, and part of the phosphorus present in the undegraded LPS. The lipid As were made up of glucosamine, phosphorus, ester- and amide-linked 3-hydroxytetra-decanoic acid, and ester-linked -tetradecanoic and -hexadecanoic acid. The interfacial material was made up of lipid A and undegraded LPS.

When chromatographed on Bio-Gel P-60, the degraded polysaccharides were eluted as two incompletely separated peaks (strains NCTC 11168, NCTC 11351, 11041 and 11101) or as one peak (strains NCTC 11392 and E 8035). All peaks appeared close to the total volume of the column. When the different fractions were re-chromatographed on Bio-Gel P-10, the peaks still appeared close to the total volume of the column. These findings indicate that LPS from and are devoid of long O-antigenic side-chains.


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