SUMMARY: Continuous N-terminal amino acid sequences between 26 and 64 residues long were determined for the gas vesicle protein (GVP) isolated from four genera of cyanobacteria and two species of halobacteria. Definite homology was established between the GVPsof all six organisms. Within the cyanobacteria the homologies varied from 98% to 85% with the order of decreasing to , in agreement with phylogenetic affinities. (Further homologies were also established between sequences at the C-terminus of GVP from and ) In the GVP from there was a short non-homologous sequence near the N-terminus followed by 39 residues showing 70% homology with GVP from , and 79% with that from the halophilic An antibody raised against the gas vesicles was effective in agglutinating gas vesicles from five different cyanobacteria, (a colourless eubacterium), the two halobacteria and (another archaebacterium). The origin of the gas vesicle is discussed.


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