Summary: A series of nutritional experiments was carried out on cultures from single ascospores isolated from a single ascus of . The results showed: () thiamine stimulated all cultures and other vitamins did so to a much less extent; () decoctions of apple leaves contained stimulatory substances; () these substances were amino acids, chiefly isoleucine, glutamine, serine and phenylalanine; () best growth was given by some cultures in the presence of thiamine and various amino acids; () the reaction of the fungus cultures to the decoctions, amino acids and thiamine varied according to the cultures and the combination of nutrients. There were indications that the nutritional requirements reflected the genetic composition of a given culture; () in the absence of leaf decoctions the best sources of nitrogen were Oxoid peptone and asparagine, and growth with these substances reflected the genetic composition of the organism; () at least ten amino acids were shown to be present in the leaves of all or some apple varieties.


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