Summary: Certain strains of produced a starch-like substance in the presence of maltose and plasma. Amylolytic strains of group A streptococci produced larger amounts of the substance than other strains of these organisms. The substance was elaborated in the presence of optimal concentrations of plasma, with either starch, glycogen or maltose in the medium. It was not produced when either glucose-1-phosphate, glucose, cellobiose, melibiose, saccharose or lactose was substituted for maltose.

The amylolytic properties of certain strains of group A streptococci were reported by Keogh & Simmonds (1940) and by Crowley (1950,1954). The latter found that amylase production was a property of certain variants, and that amylase-positive organisms not infrequently lost the property during subculture on medium containing plasma. The effect of serum and plasmaon amylase production was further studied, and this paper reports findings related to (1) the effect of plasma on the liberation of amylase, and (2) the formation of a starch-like substance.


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