Summary: Concentrations of fumagillin which allowed host growth prevented multiplication of phage 209 on 209. Fumagillin had no action on free phage and little on the adsorption of phage to its host, but when added 15 min. or less after the start of the latent period it prevented phage multiplication. Fumagillin present during adsorption was diluted out during the latent period; the longer fumagillin was present the smaller was the phage yield. Prolonged exposure of the host + phage mixture in Ringer's solution to a concentration of fumagillin too low to prevent phage multiplication lengthened the latent period and decreased the yield of phage, whether fumagillin was present during the burst or not. Under these conditions, when sufficient fumagillin was added to produce a phage-inhibitory concentration and later diluted out, the yield of phage was constant when the dilution was made in the period 0-20 min.


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