SUMMARY: Transformation of CB1809 was studied using DNA from the cyanobacterium ATCC 27893. A spontaneous nitrate reductase deficient (Nar) mutant (NR-6) of CB1809 was isolated with a frequency of 8.4 × 10. Streptomycin (Sm) and Neomycin (Neo) resistance markers were introduced into strain NR-6, and the resulting strain was designated NR-6 Sm Neo. Experiments with cyanobacterial DNA and live cells of strain NR-6 Sm Neo indicated transformation of nitrate reductase () genes of into this strain. This conclusion was supported by the reversion frequency of strain NR-6 Sm Neo to Nar and the transformation frequency when recipient cells were exposed to DNA (with heat-treated DNA as control). Comparisons of growth, nitrate uptake, assimilatory nitrate reductase activity and nodulation of parent CB1809, NR-6 Sm Neo and five transformant clones (Nar) suggest that there may be considerable homology between the genes of CB1809 and


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