SUMMARY: Using [H]corticosterone as a probe, corticosteroid-binding protein (CBP) was detected in eight out of eight isolates of , of both A and B serotypes. The apparent dissociation constant ( ) in the various isolates ranged between 8 and 19 nM; the binding capacity varied from 122 to over 2400 fmol (mg cytosol protein). There was no correlation between the amount or affinity of CBP and isolate virulence for murine hosts. Further analysis revealed demonstrable CBP in six out of six species other than One isolate of has been identified which fails to bind [H]corticosterone. and also failed to bind [H]corticosterone. Preliminary attempts were made to determine functions mediated by CBP in , but growth, phase conversion and glucose oxidation by were unaffected by the addition of a variety of steroid hormones. These data indicate that the presence of CBP in does not correlate with either virulence or serotype. The physiological significance of CBP remains to be determined.


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