SUMMARY: A method has been established which isolates polysomes from the lysozyme/EDTA-shocked cyanobacterium, sp. MAC. In a typical preparation the total recovery of RNA as polysomes was 83%, in which 77% of the polysome fraction was present at sizes > 5-mers and 23% as 2-4-mers. Messenger RNA isolated from such a preparation of polysomes produced a 10-fold stimulation in the incorporation of [S]methionine into polypeptides by a cell-free system of The -synthesized polypeptides were analysed on an SDS-polyacrylamide gradient gel together with -labelled proteins of sp. MAC: seven polypeptides co-migrated with the -synthesized products. This is the first report of the expression of cyanobacterial messenger RNA in a heterologous cell-free system from ; the efficiency of the system is discussed.


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