SUMMARY: The gene of was inserted into prophage ϕ105. The recombinant phage (ϕ105d) contained DNA which was about 2 MDal smaller than the wild-type phage DNA, and the phage particles had no tails. The phage did not plaque but, when provided with tails it transduced both and strains of to . The gene was located on a 2.5 MDal RI restriction fragment. Subsequently this phage was used to clone, using a similar technique, the gene(s). The second recombinant phage, ϕ105d was also defective, i.e. without tails. The DNA was 1.5 MDal smaller than the wild-type phage DNA and the gene was located on a 3 MDal RI fragment. When provided with tails phage ϕ105d transduced cells of a recipient to Spo. In these transductants the mutation was complemented, and the cells sporulated normally.


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