SUMMARY: The serological properties of cell surface proteins of belonging to both the biotypes (classical and El Tor) and the serotypes (Ogawa and Inaba) were investigated. Proteins were isolated by extracting with EDTA in the presence of sodium chloride. The surface localization of these proteins was confirmed with (a) radioiodinated protein A as an immunoprobe and (b) antiserum absorption studies with whole bacteria. There were similarities among the polypeptides of cell surface proteins isolated from various types. Antisera to these proteins agglutinated several strains, irrespective of biotype, serotype and antibiotic sensitivity. The antisera did not agglutinate pathogenic enteric bacteria such as enterotoxigenic and The cell surface proteins of were immunogenic in rabbits as high titres of anti-protein specific antibodies were detected by the ELISA technique in the immune sera. These results suggest that the cell surface proteins are common antigens of and can be developed as a potential vaccine candidate against cholera.


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