SUMMARY: Fifty-two strains from seven species of grown under a variety of conditions, were examined in rocked-tile tests for production of haemagglutinins and with the electron microscope for fimbriae. Thirteen non-haemagglutinating strains were non-fimbriate. Most (33) of the 39 haemagglutinating strains produced only one kind of haemagglutinin, either the mannose-sensitive haemagglutinin associated with type-1 fimbriae or, the mannose-resistant, klebsiella-like haemagglutinin associated with type-3 fimbriae. Multiply haemagglutinating strains were most common in in which species a third kind of haemagglutinin, also mannose-resistant, was found. The findings are discussed briefly in the light of the current taxonomy of


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