SUMMARY: Phenetic data on over 600 aerobic, heterotrophic, aquatic bacteria from a freshwater fish farm were collected and examined by numerical taxonomy procedures using 124 unit characters. Reference cultures representing 36 taxa were included in the analyses. The data were examined using the simple matching ( ) and Jaccard ( ) coefficients, and clustering was achieved using unweighted average linkage. At similarity values of 70% or above as defined with the coefficient, 82% of the environmental isolates were recovered in 14 major and 56 minor phena. The major phena were equated with sp., coryneforms, spp. (two groups), sp., and sp. The minor phena comprised and was recovered only from moribund and dead rainbow trout () during an outbreak of furunculosis. In contrast, coryneforms (phenon 2) and (phenon 14) were found exclusively in water samples.


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