SUMMARY: The effect of omission of individual amino acids from growth medium on the multiplication of (strain guinea pig inclusion conjunctivitis) in cycloheximide-treated McCoy cells has been examined. Marked differences were observed in the amounts of particular amino acids required for normal chlamydial multiplication: omission of either leucine, phenylalanine or valine completely inhibited multiplication, whereas absence of any one of another 10 amino acids had no effect on numbers of cells infected. Threshold concentrations of 80, 80 and approx. 8 nmol ml for leucine, valine and phenylalanine, respectively, were needed for normal chlamydial multiplication. These requirements could not be related either to unusually high content in the whole organism, to degradation in the medium, or, from studies with leucine, to deficient association of leucine with host cells. Leucine deprivation at late stages of the developmental cycle also appeared to regulate multiplication. Possible mechanisms responsible for these effects are discussed.


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