Summary: pNZ500 is a 1.5 kb cryptic plasmid from a isolate. It was introduced into by cotransformation, where it is maintained at about 30 copies per chromosome equivalent. Hybridization studies show that pNZ500 exhibits a high level of sequence similarity to other 1.5 kb plasmids found in different isolates but shares no homology with larger plasmids. pNZ500 shares a small degree of sequence homology with pBR322 and with pAC184. The homology with pBR322 is restricted to sequences close to the region of this plasmid. Nevertheless, pNZ500 maintenance in is not dependent on DNA polymerase I activity, and does depend on continuing protein synthesis. pNZ500 encodes two polypeptide gene products whose monomer molecular weights are 24500 and 18000. The examination of host cells for the expression of possible plasmid phenotypes revealed no differences between cells bearing pNZ500 and plasmidless cells.


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