Summary: Millipore filters placed underneath agar block cultures of were able to adsorb hormones α and α produced by A and A mating types of the fungus, respectively. Both hormones were released from moistened Millipore filters by extraction with ether, which on evaporation resulted in aqueous hormone extracts. Isolated hormones α and α stimulated oospore formation by A and A mating types of respectively, when they were adsorbed on small pieces of Millipore filter, but not when they were added directly to agar cultures. Hormones α and α were removed from aqueous solutions by both cation and anion exchange resins, and could be eluted from the resins by ether. Both hormones α and α were able to pass through membranes with a molecular weight cut-off of 1000 and 500, but not 100 and 50.


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