Summary: The SHAM-sensitive alternative oxidase has been studied in strain ST as a function both of growth state and of chloramphenicol treatment. In low density cultures the total alternative oxidase activity, as revealed by SHAM titration in the presence of CN, is equivalent to 17% of total respiration and is slightly utilized at all times. Stationary phase cells have somewhat less of the oxidase and it is not utilized even in CCCP-uncoupled cells. Respiration in chloramphenicol-treated cells is 100% CN-resistant. Alternative oxidase activity is equivalent to 30-40% of this total and one third of it is active. The remaining 60% residual respiration is due to unknown oxidases. Following CCCP-uncoupling, a CN-sensitive pathway is demonstrable and the alternative oxidase is fully utilized. The higher proportion of alternative oxidase in chloramphenicol-treated cells is brought about by its conservation at a time when the cytochrome chain is becoming non-functional. There is no large scale induction of the alternative oxidase.


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