Summary: The size and structure of the DNA genome of xenosomes, bacterial endosymbionts of the marine hymenostome ciliate, 110-3, were investigated. Renaturation kinetic measurements, determined optically and by hydroxyapatite chromatography, suggested a genome size of 0.34 × 10 daltons. Sedimentation rate measurements of DNA gently released from the symbionts yielded molecules of comparable size. The analytical complexity, determined chemically, was 3.03 × 10 daltons. Consistent with these and other data is a model for the structure of the symbiont genome in which the DNA exists in the form of nine circularly permuted, double-stranded DNA molecules of unique sequence, each of molecular weight 0.34 × 10. It is suggested that xenosomes and certain symbionts found in ciliated protozoa may be extant forms of once free-living bacteria that have adapted to the intracellular environment.


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