SUMMARY: The number and approximate molecular weights of extracellular alkaline proteases produced by were determined by gelatin-PAGE. Three major bands of protease activity with apparent molecular weights of approximately 28000, 22500 and 19500 (proteases 1, 2 and 3, respectively) and two minor bands of protease activity with apparent molecular weights of approximately 15500 and 14500 (proteases 4 and 5, respectively) were obtained after gelatin-PAGE. The activities of the five proteases were inhibited by serine protease inhibitors but their activities were not affected by inhibitors of trypsin-like enzymes. Histidine, which inhibited collagenase, did not inhibit the activities of the alkaline serine proteases. The production of protease 1, however, was enhanced by histidine. Protease 1 production was also affected by temperature and production was depressed at 37 °C. Gelatin-PAGE of a commercial collagenase preparation revealed four bands of activity which were identified as collagenases with apparent molecular weights of approximately 45000, 38500, 33500 and 31000. The collagenase preparation was contaminated with two serine proteases. The release of [H]proline from collagen matrices produced by smooth muscle cells was shown to be a sensitive assay for bacterial collagenases and was used to show that produced a basal constitutive level of extracellular collagenase. The constitutive levels of collagenase were affected by aeration.


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