SUMMARY: Antisera raised against purified yeast ascospores caused agglutination of both ascospores and vegetative cells. A spore-specific activity was obtained by absorbing out anti-vegetative activity with vegetative cells. The anti-vegetative cell activity was directed against mannan, and was probably due to exposure of some spore coat mannan at the spore surface since concanavalin A and lentil lectin also caused agglutination of ascospores. The spore-specific activity was probably determined by a protein or proteins, since extraction of spores with a mixture of sodium dodecyl sulphate and dithiothreitol markedly affected their agglutination by the spore-specific serum.

The spore-specific antigen was synthesized in a soluble form during sporulation several hours before the appearance of the spore surface and the pool of soluble antigen declined as the spore was assembled. Synthesis of the soluble antigen was inhibited by adding cycloheximide at all times up to its first appearance in the sporulating cell.


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