SUMMARY: Cell walls of 10 alkalophilic strains were prepared by inactivation of autolytic enzymes with SDS, disruption with a sonic oscillator, trypsin digestion and washing with SDS. The walls were composed of peptidoglycan and acidic compounds. The peptidoglycan was similar in composition to that of After hydrolysis, the acidic compounds detected were glucuronic acid, glutamic acid and aspartic acid. The strains tested could be divided into three groups as follows. Group 1, the glucuronic acid and hexosamine contents were high; no growth was observed at pH 7.0; Na was essential for their growth. Group 2, large amounts of glutamic acid, aspartic acid and glucuronic acid were detected. Growth at higher pH values increased the content of acidic compounds; growth was observed at pH 7.0; Na was essential for their growth. Group 3, no remarkable difference was detected in the chemical components in comparison with growth was observed in the presence of Na or K at pH 7.0 and 10.2.


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