SUMMARY: The replication and incompatibility region of the IncFVI plasmid pSU502 has been isolated by DNA manipulation as part of a 12.6 kb plasmid, denominated pSU503. Plasmid pSU503 was strongly incompatible with its parental plasmid, pSU1, but was fully compatible with the haemolytic plasmids pSU316 (IncFIII/IV), pHly152 (IncI2) and pSU233 (Inc-pSU233). Furthermore, the 6.9 kb RI fragment of pSU503 which carries the replication and incompatibility determinants of pSU1 did not show any detectable homology (>70 %) with any of the haemolysin-determining plasmids with which it is compatible. Thus, homologous haemolysin determinants have become linked to apparently unrelated replicons.


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