SUMMARY: A comparative study of the growth of a highly haemolytic group A streptococcal strain in Trypticase-yeast extract medium and in a chemically defined medium was undertaken. Appreciable growth was obtained in the latter medium with the release of significant amounts (120 haemolytic units) of streptolysin O. This indicates that toxinogenic factors present only in the peptones of complex media are not essential for biosynthesis and release of this cytolytic toxin, as is the case for many bacterial toxins. NADase was also released in the synthetic medium. Bacterial cell mass, growth rate, and streptolysin O production were threefold higher in the complex medium. The effects of various carbohydrates on streptolysin O production in complex medium are investigated. No repression of toxin formation by glucose was observed. The relationship between growth and toxinogenesis in streptococci and in other toxinogenic bacteria is discussed.


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