SUMMARY: A lysogen of K12 with λ; integrated into was induced and the lysates plated on a Pel host [on which λ; strains with less than the wild-type amount of DNA form plaques at low frequency (Cameron , 1977)]. All of the 40 plaques examined contained phage able to transduce at least two of the genes known from bacteriophage P1 transduction experiments to be closely linked to Assuming that each specialized transducing phage arose by a single illegitimate recombination event, the distribution of phage types showed that the gene order is () ; both and were dominant. Analysis of restriction endonuclease digests of the transducing phage confirmed that no unexpected DNA rearrangements had taken place and allowed the construction of a map of the sites of action of the restriction endonucleases , dIII, and for over 20 kilobases of DNA.

In an Appendix, we show and mutants to be deficient in sulphate assimilation.


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