Summary: Prolonged culturing in the laboratory has resulted in the formation of a stable derivative of the smooth Group E bacterial strain, Salmonella anatum A1, that is sensitive to both the R-core-specific bacteriophage Felix 01 and -polysaccharide-specific bacteriophage ε. The variant strain, designated A1-1, exhibits a normal number of irreversible binding sites for ε but the relative quality and/or accessibility of those sites appears to be diminished. Infectious ε phage particles are released more rapidly from A1-1 than from its parent under acidic pH conditions known to interfere with the phage DNA ejection step. The purified lipopolysaccharide (LPS) of A1-1 exhibits a reduced rhamnose/hep-tose ratio in chemical assays. Fractionation of this LPS on SDS-urea-polyacrylamide gels followed by silver staining reveals a narrower range of -polysaccharide chain lengths relative to that of the parent (0 to, 20 vs. 0 to 40 repeating units, respectively).


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