SUMMARY: The isolation of a stable, chlorophyll-less Mendelian mutant () of is described and its growth, carotenoid spectra and ultrastructure are compared to chlorophyll-containing strains. Unlike most chlorophyll-less mutants, did not die in the light but grew as bright yellow colonies. It was unable to grow in a mineral medium with CO and it required acetate for growth. When compared to green strains, grew slower in the light but at about the same rate in the dark. Light-grown and dark-grown cells had no detectable chlorophyll and similar amounts of total carotenoids, which were 20–35% of the values for the green strains. The only noticeable difference in ultrastructure between and the green cells was in the inner chloroplast membranes. In the light and dark lacked lamellae, although the outer chloroplast membrane was retained.


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