SUMMARY: Thirty strains of and , exhibiting the rare peptidoglycan of group B, were subjected to extensive nucleic acid hybridization studies. The DNA homology values indicate that DSM 20157 is genetically identical with DSM 20134. NCPPB 378 and DSM 20400 are closely related to DSM 20134. DSM 20141, ATCC 25283 and ATCC 9682 are genetically identical with DSM 20129. In addition, ATCC 15828, ATCC 15830 and ATCC 19096 share a high degree of relatedness to DSM 20129. All other described species are more distantly related to each other. DNA-rRNA cistron similarity studies reveal that all coryneforms with a peptidoglycan group B are members of one homogeneous cluster for which the rank of a genus is suggested.


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