Summary: A procedure has been developed to yield infectious elementary bodies of the lymphogranuloma venereum strains LGV 434 and 404 of , labelled during intracellular growth in HeLa 229 cells. The final preparation, obtained after velocity sedimentation of a polycarbonate membrane-filtered sample through a sucrose gradient, is free of host proteins and, more importantly, of chlamydial reticulate bodies. Using such purified preparations, it was found that the association of LGV 434 elementary bodies with HeLa 229 cultures was unaffected by the pretreatment of the host cells with a variety of lectins or with neuraminidases from and . The association was inhibited by dextran sulphate and by mild trypsin treatment of HeLa cultures. Treatment of purified elementary bodies with trypsin, chymotrypsin, neuraminidases and a variety of carbohydrates and lectins did not produce any change in the rate of association with HeLa cultures. Heat-inactivated elementary bodies were significantly less able to associate with the host cells.


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